Sunday, February 04, 2007

My $100 Tennis Racquet

Well, obviously I've been neglecting this blog for more than half a year, during which time I've worked on the successful Joe Courtney campaign for the Connecticut 2nd District seat in Congress, going on a Thanksgiving weekend tour of New England college campuses with my daughter, having a (quite unexpected) case of whooping cough, taking my daughter and her friend to a Harry Potter themed Yule Ball concert, visiting family in Florida for Christmas. In all that time, somehow, I fell out of the habit of updating this chronicle. Oh, during the election season I contributed to other blogs (mostly My Left Nutmeg), but nothing here.

I apologize for the silence.

When I was (much) younger, I played tennis... but I found that, owing to the busy life of a young college student, sometimes weeks or even months would go by without me finding time to hit the courts. This frustrated me because I really wanted to play regularly. One summer I went out and spent $100 dollars -- a lot of money in those days, for me at least -- on a top-quality racquet. It wasn't so much that I needed a fancy racquet -- I was never that good anyway -- but that I wanted to make some act -- in this case a nontrivial monetary investment -- that would force me to take the activity more seriously. Now I've done something similar: I've started including a link to this page in my profile at other online sites, including my Facebook page, my My Left Nutmeg profile, and, most recently, on the newly refurbished 2nd Congressional District blog.

I hesitate to promise any set frequency of posts. I'm going to try to post something short fairly often, even when I don't have a full-length rant in me (or don't have time to do it justice). In any case, I won't abandon this blog again, so please keep checking back!

(BTW, the Unit of the Day will no longer be a feature of every post... but I'll still post one whenever I see a unit that strikes me as engagingly peculiar.)

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