Monday, March 16, 2009

Oh, No You Don't

I know lots of folks on the left are somewhere between disappointed in and royally pissed off at Chris Dodd, but we Democrats here in the 2nd CD of Connecticut worked too hard, too recently, to get rid of Rob Simmons to let this happen.

My first real active involvement in politics began in 2006, and one of the key elements in waking me up was a (then) high school kid who put up a blog called Bye Bye, Rob, devoted to helping Joe Courtney take Simmons' place in the House. Having successfully said bye bye, I'm not inclined to say howdy to Simmons in 2010.

This is just the beginning, of course, but unless someone can show me a Democrat who can beat Dodd, and beat Simmons, and deliver more for progressives than Dodd has over the years, I know who I'll be supporting for Senate in 2010.


JC said...

Bill - can't work out any direct way to do it, so I just plonked it here...

If you recall, we had a nice chat about martinis and such on PZs board (and here) a while back. I find I will be at Westchester Airport with not much to do for a huge block of hours Wednesday evening. Any chance you would find that a non-arduous trip and maybe up for a beer somewhere? I have from maybe 8 or 9 (whenever my wife drops me off) until roughly 4am.... yuck.

I think you have my email address related to this post, but if not, I will toss it here if you reply.


Priya Lynn said...

Read your post #239 on this Pharyngula thread:

Very impressed. And I strongly agree with you that "the proper aim of humankind is to maximize the happiness of humankind... including those forms of happiness that attend upon physical pleasure.".

I'd add that the only goal all of society can agree upon is to maximize the benefits and minimize the negatives for all in an equal fashion. Its in everyone's best interests to cooperate and this goal can only be achieved if we consider each other equals.