Thursday, January 12, 2012

Gay Marriage Kills Jobs? SRSLY??

Recently one of the Republican presidential candidates (Rick Santorum? They don’t pay me enough to keep up with which wacky idea goes with which awful candidate…) suggested that same-sex marriage was a job killer. Not that a position that ludicrous really requires any response, but I couldn’t help thinking of it when I read this story about a gay wedding expo in Brooklyn. Last I heard, holding a frickin’ trade show was not a sign that a particular activity is bad for business!

As Event Director Daniel Brooks explains, “It's a new niche for businesses [emphasis added] .” And would Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz sound like this…

I am thrilled that Brooklyn — proud home of everyone from everywhere, including one of the nation’s largest lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered populations and certainly the biggest lesbian community in the country — will be the location of the first ever major expo of its kind in New York City.

…if he thought same-sex marriage was killing jobs in his community?

It’s one thing if people on the right have what they believe to be principled objections to same-sex activities, based on their religious or philosophical beliefs… but anyone relying on desperate, transparently false arguments like this “job killing” business is not principled, but is either hateful enough to resort to any means to damage their enemies, or is willing to blatantly lie to grab political power (by, it must be said, pandering to hateful people).

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